About Kirk Equine Performance 

Kirk Equine Performance was borne out of a lifelong passion for horses, a love for all things biological and biomechanical, and a wealth of experience as an international dressage rider. 


As a qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist BSc (Hons), I have a thorough understanding of the mechanisms involved in animal movement, injury occurrence and the treatment required. Using clinical reasoning, my training and continued professional development, I can assure your horse's rehabilitation will be optimally managed. As a Dressage rider with years of experience in France, Germany, Australia and England, I understand and can implement the training requirements for your goals and ambitions. Combining these two skillsets bridges a gap between practitioners and their clients; a joint assessment of training and physiotherapy pinpoints issues and addresses them appropriately. Regardless of which service you choose to benefit from, the holistic, multi-faceted approach to improving your horse will get you closer towards the performance you deserve. 

Years of training have gone in to developing this unique service. From many years riding my own stubborn Welsh x mare, a cantankerous pony stallion, to the perfect #silverprince (Royal Pokemon)... I have a vast repertoire. That means I am here to support a range of riders aspiring to a range of goals, and horses with a range of issues. 

Kirk Equine Performance  offers a dedicated mobile Veterinary Physiotherapy service and freelance Dressage training service covering Gloucestershire and its surroundings. 

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