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About Kirk Equine Performance 

Kirk Equine Performance was borne out of a lifelong passion for horses, a love for all things biological and biomechanical, and years of experience as a horsewoman. 


Following years of training with many top riders, judges and trainers, I pursued life in Germany in 2012 to learn from the best Dressage industry in the world. There, I debuted as an international Young Rider, as well as Senior Small Tour rider with my experienced schoolmaster Moosbends Ricardos, and First Wish. I also had the honour of riding my own mare, Feather, to her first competitions as a young horse, as well as learning how to train something through some higher levels myself, with Horacio.


Sadly, as so many equestrians have experienced, life with horses is not always easy, and our patience and humility are tested regularly. Following some setbacks and heartache, I decided the time had come to pause the hunt for competitions and training, and work towards something that could improve my approach to training, as well as the welfare of horses. I chose to return to University and study Veterinary Physiotherapy. In 2016, I made the move to Harper Adams University with Royal Pokemon. 

Since then, I have amassed a variety of experience; working with dogs (yes, I am qualified to treat your canine friends too!) in a Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy clinic, working for a Team GB rider, competing my own horses at international Small Tour level, and finally, years of hard work and burning the candle at all ends culminated graduating as a Veterinary Physiotherapist with First Class honours from Harper Adams University.


Two worlds combining

As a qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist BSc (Hons), I have a thorough understanding of the mechanisms involved in animal movement, injury occurrence and the treatment required. Using my training, continued professional development and experience, I can offer a highly-tailored and high-quality approach to horse rehabilitation. 


As a Dressage rider I have years of training and competition experience in France, Germany, Australia and England, riding a range from show ponies, Welsh ponies, Grand Prix horses and show jumpers. This is a valuable cross-section of skills which bridges a gap between trainers, clients and practitioners (including Vets, farriers, chiropractors etc). I can assess your training goals, (I can even offer guidance on them), your horse's weaknesses and strengths, and can form a rehabilitation or exercise plan dependent on the circumstance to link your training regime and your horse's condition. Being able to offer this was the primary reason for choosing to study becoming a Veterinary Physiotherapist. 

Years of training have gone in to developing this unique service. From many years riding my own stubborn Welsh pony mare, a cantankerous pony stallion, to the perfect #silverprince (Royal Pokemon)... I have a vast repertoire. That means I am here to support a range of riders aspiring to a range of goals, and horses with a range of issues. 

Kirk Equine Performance proudly offers a dedicated mobile Veterinary Physiotherapy service and freelance Dressage training service covering Gloucestershire and its surroundings. 

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