Horses are our best teachers; I am here to help translate that message... So that better riders exist for them.

Dressage translates to "training" from its French origins. It was essentially developed to hone the relationship and responsiveness of horses in wartime; meaning the process of training horses to respond effectively to their riders in moments of chaos. 

The modern interpretation may feel somewhat far-removed when considering the appearance and nature of our competitions. However, with that concept in mind, I think the "point of it all" is much clearer; we are developing a language with our horses so that we can converse with them in the saddle, so that they trust us in the situations we put them in, and so that we can demonstrate the pure, harmonious relationships we aim to achieve. 

From years of riding my cantankerous pony, and years of trying to learn harder movements and levels of training, I have developed a very patient approach. My firm belief is that a horse will try its best for you, if it's able to. If it is not, it will demonstrate that too! My understanding of biomechanics and Veterinary Physiotherapy has been awesome in these moments as I can develop a good idea of what is going on before (if) a Vet is required. Once the vet has been I can also incorporate their findings in to how I then approach the training, as well as the rehabilitation if necessary! 

I fell in love with this sport over years of trying to wrestle my Welsh pony's head to the bit... and having the joy of the moment I SUCCEEDED! Gratefully, some wonderfully patient horse and human teachers guided me towards a better, more classical approach that I now train towards. 

I trained with several French riders when I began my riding journey in France with my first pony Hach' around 2006. The true journey and desire towards becoming a professional began with the introduction of Catherine Haddad-Staller around 2008. Most recently, my training has been guided by Gareth Hughes, and I have since enjoyed successes at Premier Leagues and Internationals with Royal Pokemon, Horacio and Feather.