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Training & Sales Livery 

Having horses in training livery or sales livery with us offers highly trained and experienced riding, supported by horse-health-focussed management. Goals can be wide ranging, so if you have a particular idea in mind please send an email or phone us to discuss! 


Why trust us with your horse's training?

International competition experience at Young Rider and Small Tour level (with 5 different horses), and training level of Grand Prix at home (with 3 different horses). To learn, riders must train new exercises many times, which adds up to many miles and mistakes in your horses’ bodies. This takes a toll. I have already done MANY of such miles. I have learnt from mistakes at a high level already, I have improved my riding, my management, and my training techniques to better your horse's experience. 


On top of that technical training knowledge, Physiotherapy support for recovery of your horse is readily available. "Little and often" Physiotherapy efforts such as stretches, electrotherapy and manual therapies aid your horse's recovery hugely. 

Why trust is with the sale of your horse? 

Successful sale horse trials occur when horses “feel” good. This “feeling” ranges from a soft feeling that someone experiences for the first time, to a powerful cadence someone sees their first Premier League show wins with. In both instances, the agent representing that horse is responsible for preparing and demonstrating the horse to the best of their ability. 

Allow us to manage the training (get your horse feeling as supple as they can) prior to trial rides. Organise the advertising, coordinate ridden trials, (including full prep of your horse) and eventual vet checks for successful sale of your horse. 

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