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First Wish


Year: 2003

Sex: Gelding (late castrated)

Sire: Fürst Heinrich

Dam: Annika

Dam Sire: Welton


- Winner of the YR classes at Wroclaw CDI 2013 and 2014. 

- Winner of the YR Small Final at Hagen Future Champions CDI 2014 

- Placed in all classes at Barcelona CDI 2014 

Wish was the horsey love of my life. We were both nervous and I was inexperienced, so the feeling of training at home never quite shone in competition like I wish it had. I was always at home when I was with this goof ball! 

Tragically, he suffered an aggressive colic attack in June 2015, which he didn't survive. He was brilliant, and goofy and I still miss him. 

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