Veterinary Physiotherapy for your horse

This could be for the professional rider and horse aiming for international selection, the passionate Pony Club rider training for their first competition, to the “Golden Oldies” who equally deserve comfort and support. 

The following is a list of example problems which can be aided with Physiotherapy. For more detailed insight in to problems and treatments, head over to our Case Studies page.  

  1. Behaviour problems under saddle (bucking, rearing, bolting, spooking, napping, heavy on one rein, ignoring one leg, the list goes on!) 

  2. Sudden changes in behaviour 

  3. Under-performance at competitions and in training 

  4. Back pain 

  5. Joint inflammation 

  6. Muscular pain and spasm 

  7. Tendon or ligament injury 

  8. Bone fractures 

  9. Kissing spine 

  10. Pre-habilitation before surgery 

  11. Post-surgery rehabilitation

  12. Abnormal biomechanics (the way your horse moves has changed or is ineffective). 

  13. Hoof imbalances and compensations resulting from these 

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