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Livery offered at Kirk Equine Performance provides you and your horse with top care and support. Management is overseen by Veterinary Physiotherapist/International rider, and provided by a team of quiet, kind and confident horse-people. 


Whether you are looking for regular input with your own riding, simply the assurance that your horse is managed professionally and consistently, or you are looking to give your horse the best start to their career and want a more involved training approach; we have the skill-set and facilities to help your horses achieve their optimum. 


We are best-suited to clients searching for first class care of their horses, looking for peace of mind that their horses receive the same care day-in, day-out, and who want to enjoy freedom to maintain a busy lifestyle alongside having a horse. As a boutique stable setup, there is no over-crowded sensation that some larger livery yards can have, but with excellent access to hacking, fun rides and competition venues, there is still plenty of opportunity for socialising with your horses. 

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All services are available on short- or long-term commitments, depending on your requirements. 

Full Livery

The base package which includes daily care of your horse. 

  • Turn out & bring in 

  • Daily grooming 

  • 1 bale of shavings per week 

  • Muck out & skip out 

  • Individual field 

  • Ad-lib hay 

  • Hard feed 

  • Use of Monarch horse walker 

  • Exercise/schooling available on request 

Schooling Livery

On top of the Full Livery, your horse's training and education are managed according to age, fitness and ability. Schooling may be offered by us exclusively, or substituted for lessons 

Sales Livery

With a niche set of skills designed to make horses feel their best, we are able to help nudge the sales process along with training and Physiotherapy treatments, to help your horse find their next human. 

Rehabilitation Livery

This is a highly-bespoke commitment to horses recovering from injury, or preparing for surgery. Exercise, treatments and environment can be managed to try and maintain a calm situation for your horses' recovery or prehabilitation. 

Kirk Equine Performance operates a uniquely “boutique” style training and livery stable near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. We offer great care and attention to your horses where their basic needs are prioritised. 


We have gained years of training in France, Germany, and England with International Dressage riders, as well as studying to earn a First-Class Honours degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy, whilst also personally competing internationally. With these skills and the horse-friendly environment we operate from, we are unrivalled in offering your horse their best opportunity to strengthen, maximise their rehabilitation, encourage further training up the levels, or aid a successful sale. 


Training Livery

  • Genevieve has trained to Grand Prix level schooling, competed nationally to Inter 2 and internationally to Small Tour (with multiple horses). A strong understanding of sympathetic and classical training methods is prioritised. The goal is to guide a horse towards being their own best, not to push them beyond their limits. 

Rehabilitation Livery 

  • Why would you trust the delicate process of rehabilitation of your horse with professionals who are not educated or specialise in it? Rehabilitation is not just about careful hand-walking and riding fresh horses once they are back in work. Electrotherapies, manual therapies, and controlled exercise programmes before ridden work even commences can aid the process to a possibly quicker or potentially more successful outcome. 

Sales Livery 

  • Combining skills as a Trainer and Veterinary Physiotherapist places us well to enhance the comfort and “way-of-going” of your horse. This ultimately means they will feel better in themselves and in their ridden work and be more appealing to potential buyers. Short-term or long-term commitments (if you want your horse to move up a level before they are advertised) are catered for. 

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