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Experience competing and managing horses at a very high level, having run my own stable daily for a few years, plus my First Class degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy... 


Places me in an incredibly unique position in the industry to understand horse management and training. 

Genevieve Kirk and Feather competing in the UK at PSG level. Wearing Fairfax saddle and bridle and showing the movement "half-pass" to the left.

The recent past

I have been incredibly lucky with my own and my clients’ horses, who have given me the opportunities to train and compete at some truly hallowed grounds. The rides, the characters, the discussions, the management and the outcomes have taught me so much about the horsewoman I am working on being.


Between my horses I have been to national and international dressage competitions all over Europe at Young Rider and Senior Small Tour level. At home, I have trained to Grand Prix level with 3 oof them, and competed to Inter 2 on one that I produced myself. I have developed young horses from after their initial breaking in and taken them to their first competition experiences over many years in the industry. 

Throughout these years I have learned from greats like Barnabas Mandi (5* Olympic judge), Catherine Haddad-Staller (prolific producer of Grand Prix horses and incredible detail for classical training), Gareth Hughes (top 5 at World Games 2022), Charlotte Dujardin (not needed), Peter Storr (5* Olympic judge), Morten Thomsen (trains Jessica von Bredow-Werndl), Heidi Bemelmans (Swiss pony team trainer)... to say I have learned from Europe's best is to say the least! 

Genevieve Kirk and Royal Pokemon competing at Keysoe CDI. This photo shows the end of their test with Pokemon looking towards the judges and receiving a grateful pat from Genevieve.

Distant past meets present... Back to where it all began. 

Moving back to Australia achieves so many things that I have wanted for a long time. I have adored being in Europe, but "coming home" feels like a long time coming.


I am excited to bring my toolkit to the table, and eager to extend these tools to those yearning to push up towards FEI levels, and fine-tuning their training. Equally, I can't wait to expand my skillset with experiences, horse breeds, disciplines and roles to become a better horsewoman. I believe Australians are some of the most gifted on the planet when it comes to talking with horses, and I am desperate to soak up as much of that knowledge as I can. 


I am thrilled to be back in the place that gave me my first riding and competitive experiences MANY years ago, let's get started! 

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