Veterinary Physiotherapy

Veterinary Physiotherapy involves the application of clinical reasoning and modalities to restore, maintain and improve biomechanical function. A loss of this function may have resulted from injury, disease, training problems, prolonged period out of exercise or anatomical/conformational abnormalities. 

Modalities we employ include Massage, electrotherapies and Remedial Exercise Programmes. Electrotherapies we currently offer include NMES, TENS and Massage. We are looking forward to investing in more, as soon as possible. 

Legally, we require Veterinary referral before we can see your horse. Please feel free to  contact us directly if you have any queries about the process, or to consider if your horse would benefit from our services. 


Links of Interest

The following links are educational, informative websites that we think you should take a look at! 

National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists: