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Price List for Veterinary Physiotherapy 

Initial: from £60

Initial appointments are the first time I assess and treat your horse. The increased attention to relevant history of your horse, as well as discussing future goals are incorporated in to a slightly longer treatment time. 

Continued: from £50

If I have already treated your horse, you qualify as a "continued" treatment. The same quality of assessment and treatment as observed in your first appointment is taken here, however the focus is placed on treatment and providing a home exercise program for you to follow, as opposed to case history and goal setting. 

Booking in online

Please be aware that this is a service being trialled at Kirk Equine Performance. As a mobile treatment service, we have clients that span over a 150-mile radius from Cheltenham. As such, some changes to the time that you reserve may be required, to maximise efficiency and punctuality on my days. 

For the longer distance clients (especially) Staffordshire: Please only reserve an appointment on days that have been confirmed as zone days in your area. This website page, Social media updates and the email newsletter are the best sources for this information. A minimum of 4 horses booked in is required in order to confirm the Stafford clinic days; unfortunately they are subject to cancellation if this is not the case. 

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