Price List for Veterinary Physiotherapy 

Initial Consultation 

from £60.00

This appointment is the first assessment that will be made of your horse. This can only occur with Veterinary referral, a suggested template for which can be downloaded here. In light of COVID-19 precautions, Case History will be collected prior to the appointment over the phone, or in written format. In person, a standing, dynamic and palpation assessment of your animal will determine the treatments to be made on the day, and the ongoing treatment and/or exercise plan to be determined. 

This appointment will take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, and the price includes the initial Veterinary report that will summarise the findings and treatments. 

Continued treatment

from £50.00

This appointment will also include a static, dynamic and palpation assessment of your horse, however, this is not as lengthy as the initial consult. Veterinary referral is not required for this appointment, however, if a new lameness/condition/problem has arisen with your horse, please inform us so we can discuss with you and your veterinarian what the treatment requirements will be.