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Kirk Equine Performance offers a wide range of services designed to help you further your ridden career. Based at a picturesque, private yard in the Cotswolds please feel free to get in touch and see if we have availability. 


Schooling Livery

Schooling Livery offered at Kirk Equine Performance provides you and your horse with top care and support. Whether you are looking for regular input with your own riding whilst having the assurance and peace of mind that your horse is managed professionally, or you are looking to give your horse the best start to their career and want professional care and training managed for you... We have the skill-set for you, with facilities and possibilities to match.

Contact us to find out about availability and price lists, plus how we can tailor to your requirements. 

- Access to hacking all over the fully fenced in property

- Use of the indoor and outdoor schools

- Daily turnout (subject to extreme weather conditions!) including cleaning and rug changes required

- Large, airy Monarch stables either 4 x 5m or 5 x 9m large

- Ad Lib high-quality hay, Bailey's hard feeds (am & pm feeds) and two shavings bales (weekly) included

- Lockable tack room with designated area per rider allocated

- Discounted Veterinary Physiotherapy and Training lessons available. Equally feel free to bring your own trainer/Physio in with you. 

For this interested in more involved support in the form of teaching and training on a more regular basis, we have availability to welcome horses in for training on a long term, short term or sales livery agreement. These packages include all the management mentioned in Full livery plus ridden training or lessons if you want a boost with your own riding. Why not make the most of the lack of travel freedom and kick yourselves up a gear in training? These are commonly bespoke packages so please get in contact! 


Management overseen by Veterinary Physiotherapist/International rider, and provided by a team of quiet, kind and confident horsewomen. 


- Individual or occasionally group turnout is available in new horse rail or electrical tape fencing with wooden posts.   Summer and Winter field options are provided. 

- Stables are either 5 x 9m or 4 x 5m large. Both are quality Monarch stables and are provided with rubber matting as standard. 

- Water buckets are refreshed daily and allow us to monitor how much your horse is drinking on a regular basis. 

- The indoor is approximately 25 x 35m and covered with a Martin Collins jelly fibre mix surface, perfect for the days you don't want to prove you aren't a "fair weather rider" ;)

- The outdoor arena is 20 x 50m and holds a well maintained carpet fibre mix on a good quality base 

- Designated tack up area provided 

- Cold and soon hot shower options will be available ready for the winter months 

- Exceptional access to the A40 and A417, making for easy trips to shows at Hunters, Summerhouse... etc. 


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