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Travel Zones

Regular zones

Thursday: Hawkesbury & Hills 

Monday: Central Coast 

Friday fortnightly: Wollongong

On Request/arrangement: Southern Highlands

Online: Whenever, wherever!

What you need: 

- A camera that can connect to the internet (FaceTime/ Zoom/ Whatsapp call etc. potential)

- A willing volunteer or a robot cameraman!

- An internet connection 

- Headphones 

If you only have time at 6:00 to have a lesson, but have all of the above (maybe a trial run!), I can make it happen! 


Clinics outside of these areas

Finding yourself outside of my usual areas? Depending on location and circumstances, bespoke clinic days can be arranged; please get in contact to discuss. 

And even if THAT is too hard due to weak internet, we can arrange video analysis where you send me your clips and I can support you with a more "theory"-guided training approach. 

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