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About Kirk Equine Performance 

Kirk Equine Performance was borne out of a lifelong passion for horses, a love for all things biological and biomechanical, and years of experience as a horsewoman. 


Following a couple of years of training in clinics with my first taste of the dressage elite, I decided to pursue life in Germany to learn from the best Dressage industry in the world. There, I debuted as an international Young Rider, as well as Senior Small Tour rider, I learned about stable management of the elite level of horse athletes, and my first opportunities to ride horses for a living. 


Sadly, as so many equestrians have experienced, life with horses is not always easy, and our patience and humility are tested regularly. Following some setbacks and heartache, I decided the time had come to pause the hunt for competitions and training, and work towards something that could improve my approach to training, as well as the welfare of horses. I chose to return to University and study Veterinary Physiotherapy. In 2016, I joined the class of 2020 at Harper Adams University.  


During that time, I amassed experience working with dogs (yes, I am qualified to treat your canine friends too!) in a Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy clinic, working for a Team GB rider and competing my own horses at international Small Tour level! Finally, years of hard work (and burning the candle at all ends) culminated graduating as a Veterinary Physiotherapist with First Class honours from Harper Adams University, and launching this precious love of mine... Kirk Equine Performance. 

Genevieve and Royal Pokemon at a Premier League competition in the UK... the long-gone days of wearing tophats in competition!
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