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The Beginning.

I made a bold statement during my placement year at University (roughly 2018) that I was going to start a blog… There’s nothing quite like a good run-up!

Now that I have completed my 4 years of Undergraduate study to become a qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist, I feel ready and armed to start the journey. I am still waiting on a final exam board meeting before I can be insured to treat, however, it’s only a matter of time. With that, I am so thrilled to be launching this blog as a precursor to the full business launch!

Kirk Equine Performance is borne out of a love for horses and for Biology and represents a combination of expertise and skill. Kirk Equine Performance blends degree-trained Veterinary Physiotherapy with skills and experiences of an International Dressage rider – a rare combination if I may say so myself ;). This will be an all-inclusive service offering training, riding and treating your horse to the best levels achievable.

My passion for horses has taken me to many places in the world. I actually think I fell in love with the sport at two years old obsessing over my cousin’s pony in England; I rode my first horse at the age of 5 in Sydney, Australia; got my first pony at 11 in Geneva, Switzerland; competed internationally for the first time in Pompadour, France, competed for my University team in Surrey, England; worked in professional stables for four years in Germany, and most recently made myself at home in the Cotswolds and Shropshire for my degree with my horses Pokemon, Horacio, Feather and most recently Riva! I am now permanently based in the Cotswolds, covering Gloucestershire and surrounds comfortably (including Oxfordshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Wiltshire).

Throughout my 4-year degree, including a year placement in clinical settings, I have kept training and competing my horses as much as possible. I competed my top 3 horses Royal Pokemon, Feather and Horacio each at senior international level at Small Tour, with Feather and Horacio both stepping up to this level for the first time in their lives! Managing expectations of myself and my horses, alongside deadlines and a huge workload at university, plus coping with devastating injuries and setbacks along the way with some of these horses tested my resolve and my passion, yet again, and has made me sure of my future ambitions. I became more focussed on pursuing the course of improving horse welfare as best I could with education, rehabilitation/treatment and training. If any of my knowledge is able to help them, to prevent them from any damage or deterioration, or help you as their owners handle those heartbreaking moments, then you’ll find me throwing that information around like it’s my business… ;)

During the years of learning about life with horses, I have experienced colic, tendon tears, broken bones, blood clots, and random lameness that seems to just come along with them. A big part of wanting to become a Physio was to help support and fix horses as best we can, and have less heartbreak. I enjoy now knowing more about the science of rehabilitation, having already had plenty of experience with the emotions, the heartache and the practicalities of horse injuries.

These blogs will cover anecdotes from life as a Veterinary Physiotherapist, as a competitive rider, as a horse trainer and informative pieces on new and/or interesting research, explanations about treatments and technologies or great questions I’ve been asked…

… Which leads perfectly in to, as if I had planned it (😉), GET IN CONTACT! Any questions, any comments, please do get in touch on any of our various platforms! There is a contact form on the website, I’ve linked it, so you don’t even have to open your email tab! Find us on Instagram, Facebook, email, and if you feel nostalgic about the good ol’ days, I’ll even answer the phone!

Looking forward to hearing from you, and you’ll be hearing from me this time next week!

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